War of 3 empires, land of old tongues

Dragons, Demons, Melora, oh my!

Our Third Adventure

Chronological Outline
1. Defeat of the blue dragon

a. Brandis’ arcane attempts to betray Terres into the dragon’s clutches
b. Battle ensues
c. The brazen attack of Gideon leaves him unconscious
d. Daviik mercilessly kills Terres
e. Daviik and Brandis kill the dragon by lowering the ceiling upon his skull
f. Gideon revived and Garou was sent to bring Peredin to collect the money of Hilt Forge

2. A Mysterious Guest

a. That night, as the adventurers protected the treasure, an Elven cleric arrived on the scene, startling our adventurers
b. The cleric claims to be sent on a mission from Melora
c. Gideon tests the cleric in a similar fashion to Kord’s testing of the adventurers
d. While Gideon and Daviik doubt her trustworthiness, Brandis extends her his trust.

3. Back to Hilt Forge

[More to come later…my lunch break is over…]



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